Urinary Incontinence (TESLA chair)

The TeslaChair is a painless, non-invasive and effective therapy which uses functional magnetic stimulation, which is a revolutionary muscle building and strengthening technology that stimulates strong muscle contractions in the pelvic floor. It is medically proven to:

Urinary Incontinence (TESLA chair)


Non-Invasive Comfort

Painless and non-invasive, TeslaChair provides a comfortable option for pelvic floor strengthening.

Proven Effectiveness

Medically proven to improve urinary incontinence, post-partum recovery, and sexual functions.

Targeted Stimulation

Precise muscle stimulation focuses on strengthening pelvic floor muscles effectively.

Versatile Solution

TeslaChair adapts to various pelvic health concerns, offering a versatile and holistic approach.


What is the TeslaChair and how does it work?
The TeslaChair is a cutting-edge therapy utilising functional magnetic stimulation. This revolutionary technology stimulates robust muscle contractions in the pelvic floor, promoting muscle building and strengthening. It is a painless and non-invasive treatment.
How does TeslaChair benefit urinary incontinence?
TeslaChair has been medically proven to improve urinary incontinence by targeting and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, thereby enhancing control and reducing involuntary leaks.
Is TeslaChair suitable for post-partum repair?
Absolutely. TeslaChair is an effective therapy for post-partum repair, aiding in the recovery of pelvic floor muscles after childbirth. It provides a non-invasive solution to support the body’s natural healing process.
Can TeslaChair repair pelvic floor muscles?
Yes, TeslaChair is designed to repair and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The functional magnetic stimulation it employs induces powerful muscle contractions, contributing to the overall health and functionality of the pelvic floor.
How does TeslaChair improve sexual functions?
By enhancing pelvic floor muscle strength and function, TeslaChair can positively impact sexual functions. Improved muscle tone and control may lead to enhanced sexual well-being.
Is TeslaChair a painful treatment?
No, TeslaChair is a painless therapy. The functional magnetic stimulation it employs is non-invasive, ensuring a comfortable experience for users.
The recommended number of sessions can vary based on individual needs. A qualified healthcare professional will assess your condition and provide a personalized recommendation for the best results.
Is TeslaChair suitable for everyone?
While TeslaChair is generally safe and effective, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to determine suitability based on individual health conditions and considerations.
Are there any side effects associated with TeslaChair?
Tesla Chair is known for being a low-risk and well-tolerated therapy. However, individuals may experience mild discomfort or muscle soreness, which is typically temporary and resolves on its own.

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