Allied Health Services

Medwest Health Care is proudly one of Victoria’s leading Allied Health Care specialists, providing a wide range of allied health services including physiotherapy, podiatry, dietary, occupational therapy, speech pathology and also alternative health services such as fire cupping, acupuncture, reiki and candling.

We ensure that each of our patients, regardless of their given situations, are seen to with the utmost care and attention, at our clinic and in the facilities we accommodate. 


Medical Services

We offer a range of services with some of the more experienced GP’s in Melbourne. With everything form mens and womens health checks to minor surgeries, we have all of your basic medical enquires and needs covered.

As a bulk billing practice, we offer bulk billing to all patients holding a valid Medicare care for all Medicare-eligible procedures. This means no out-of-pocket cost for most general consultations and doctors are committed to providing exceptional healthcare to our valued patients.


Cosmetic Services

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments and services to help you shape the body you want. These are all non-invasive procedures that work to reduce fat in problem areas and improve skin smoothness and appearance.

We also have a broad range of injectable cosmetic treatments to help you look younger and address any of your personal imperfections directly.