Unfreezing Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder, otherwise known as adhesive capsulitis is an inflammatory condition leading to contraction/thickening of the joint capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint resulting in pain and stiffness.

Frozen Shoulder is particularly prevalent between the ages of 40-60, and effects more woman than men for unknown reasons. It has the potential to create disability, making it difficult to get dressed, reach up to a higher shelf and even to sleep comfortably at night.

Our knowledgeable Physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment of Frozen Shoulder. The first step in your recovery is to make an appointment at our clinic, during which our Physiotherapist will examine the shoulder in detail allowing them to diagnose the state of the condition. This allows them to explain to you in detail what is happening inside the shoulder and implement the appropriate treatment.

The important thing to note is that something your symptoms can dramatically improve. So if you are suffering, call our clinic on 9336 0589