Top Tips for Getting into Shape

With our days getting warmer and longer, it’s no wonder people injure themselves in the rush to get the perfect beach body. People that have had the last few months off exercise start getting active again and for some reason completely forget that they have hardly been walking for the past few months, let alone running!  

So how can you stay away from injury when returning to exercise from an extended period of in activity? The key is patience, being self-aware and not getting caught up in the hype of over-training. 

Set Goals

We all set goals, but it’s important to be reasonable with your goals.  Don’t overestimate your availability, commitment and effort.  Start with short term,  easy goals.  

Make it something that’s achievable even on your worst week.  You will likely fail along the way during training programs, it just doesn’t have to be in the first week because your goal was to go to the gym every day of the week.

Take Your Time

Just because in the past you have been able to run 12 km 3 times a week, doesn’t mean you are able to do that right now, particularly if you haven’t trained the better half of last year. Start slow but be consistent. 


Aim for 3 light sessions a week for 2 weeks and as time goes on, you slowly add additional training sessions, intensity or duration of exercise.


Recovery is by far the most important aspect of your new exercise journey, making sure you are nice to yourself in the short term will play a big role in the long term.


Research shows us that in trained athletes those that have less than 2 rest days per week are 5 times more likely to sustain an overuse injury than those that have more than 2 days of rest per week!


Rest is important to allow adequate recovery for muscles, tendons and joints around the body. Sleep plays a big part in resting the body so it is really important whenever you are exercising.


If you are on the journey of a healthier you, remember to take it slowly and ease into exercise, listen to your body, be reasonable with your goal setting and take appropriate rest breaks between training sessions. 


If you are starting a new exercise regime and are concerned with the risk of injury, contact the team at Medwest Health Care for advice and support to make your new years goals stick!