The Power Of Yoga

Yoga has so many benefits for our mind and body. So what are the best things you take from the practice?

Benefits such as toned, stronger arms, more flexibility and less tense shoulders, but all of that is just an introduction into the life changing effects yoga can bring us.

It teaches us how to breathe, to be still and to remember that everything we think we need is already within. A regular practice can help guide you and provide clarity.

For many, yoga may seem very serious. So how can you make a yoga practice more fun and get the most out of it?  The best way is to go into each class with an open mind knowing that if you ‘can’t’ do a certain pose it doesn’t matter. Yoga is a journey and every class is different.

It’s important to learn to laugh at yourself if you fall and have a giggle if you can’t get into that pose that everyone else can. Getting to know your teacher is another way to feel more open in class. Have a chat to them before or after class, and don’t feel intimidated.

That’s why we at Medwest have created our inclusive yoga classes run by Saneep and Amarjeet. With years of experience, there two budding movement masters make sure the class is beneficial, but most of all fun!

Yoga can be an excellent way to relax and wind down, but it can also be energising. It is incredible for rejuvenating and revitalising our bodies and minds. As yoga is basically a moving mediation, it gives our minds the opportunity to find a one pointed focus (the poses, the breath) and to find moments of stillness while we move our bodies.

This leaves little space for all those distracting and busy thoughts. As it turns out, our ever-thinking minds are often what exhaust us.

We are also physically moving, therefore stimulating and releasing blocked energy, tension and stress that has been stored in the body, leaving you feeling lighter and open.

To top it off, each yoga class finishes with relaxation. A time when you are totally chilled out, in your complete natural state in pure stillness, allowing you the space to absorb the energy and replenish yourself with a final meditation.

So all in all Yoga can be a revitalising way to stretch out and engage your body, and don’t forget, it can be fun as well!  

James Watts