The Power Of Myotherapy

Movement with Myotherapy

If you’ve encountered severe muscular pain or limited movement due to injury, age or life circumstances, you will be well aware how your pain limits movements and prevents exercise. 

This is where quality massage and Myotherapy play a crucial role in recovery and maintaining a good quality of life.  And with so many choices in Melbourne, how can you be sure you are making the right choice?

Although not a cure of old age, regular massage can have an outstanding effect on the body, improving simple life functions such as walking, shopping and general living.

Massage can give those with arthritis and swelling in the hands the ability to move more freely, allowing simple movements like knitting or even undertaking duties around the house. This empowerment and ability allows those affected to keep their independence. 

Who can benefit from Myotherapy?

People from all walks of life can benefit from Myotherapy and massage. Our clinic in Keilor East, Melbourne, treats a range of different people from all walks of life.

We see many netballers and footballers that present with stiffness, soreness and sports – related complaints. We also see gardeners who come in with sore backs and knees. Myotherapy treatments allow the to get back to what they love, with nothing holding them back.

Myotherapy Treatment

At Medwest we believe that no two conditions are the same, thus treatment differs between patients. If you experience limitations or difficulty in movement, it’s worth seeing a quality Myotherapist who can assess your condition.

We check your range of movement, assess where your issues lie and develop a plan to get you back to full form.

Factors like he work you are involved in, how long your condition has presented for and what you do in-between treatments allows us to tailor an approach to make sure your massage works for you.

We help put golfers are back in the game, and give children and those in older age their mobility back.

If you find your movement is limited and cannot do the things you used to, then find out what massage and Myotherapy can do for you.