Shin Splints and What To Do About Them

Shin splints are a common presentation here at Medwest Health Care. Essentially shin splints are the pain felt along the front of the shin bone, between the knee and the ankle. The term shin splints actually encompasses a number of different pathologies, so it is important to get a diagnosis from one of our experienced physiotherapists.

How Do I Get Shin Splints?

Typically shin splints are related to running activities, especially where there is a sudden increase in the volume of running. There are a number of factors that can predispose to the onset of shin pain, including poor foot mechanics such as excessive pronation, poor footwear or worn out running shoes, weakness of some of the core or lower limb muscles and running frequently on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

How Do I Treat Shin Splints?

Treatment involves reducing pain and inflammation through ice packs and relative rest. Alternative exercise such as swimming can be helpful during this period. The long-term solution is addressing the factors that led to the onset of the condition in the first place, including appropriate shoes, strengthening, stretching and activity modification.

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