How Exercise Helps Prevent Depression

A large international study has the number to show it can prevent depression from developing with the power of exercise. The team took data from 49 studies across the world involving over 260,000 people.

It was found that people who were sufficiently physically active were at 15 precent reduced risk of developing depression. This is a huge number considering the amount of cases of depression worldwide!

With the long term studies spanning from seven to eight years, the positive aspect of exercise in this area really comes form keeping active over the long haul. But thankfully it’s not about dragging yourself to the gym when you really don’t want to go, it’s more about finding the type of exercise that you know you really enjoy, this is the secret to keeping physically active on a regular basis.

The minimum amount of exercise you need is unknown, but it isn’t a lot. Adults and kids don’t need to be involved with competitive sport either, the only rule is that it has to be enjoyable to that person. Although more support is needed to help with mental health issues, exercise is an easy changes that people can self manage!

How Exercise Helps

During exercise, certain chemicals are released in the brain, which behave similar to anti depressants. This affect consequently builds resilience if there are stressful things occurring that could also cause depression.

This chemical release acts as a buffer to life’s problems and helps improve our resistance to developing depression. 

So there you have it, with just over 20 minutes of exercise a day needed, you can genuinely improve your happiness and quality of life!