Fight Fat with Medwest


There are many ways to lose excess body fat, but some just don't work for some people because fat can be stubborn.  If burning calories isn't working, maybe it's time to try the another approach, fat freezing.

First of all, how does it actually work? To put it simply, fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than the tissues around them, so in the weeks and months following the procedure, the body will get rid of the frozen fat cells while the unfrozen cells remain.

Fat freezing treatment is available in Melbourne at Medwest Health Care. The experienced team personalises each patient's treatment, determining the number of sessions required and also advising the patient on which areas of the body should be targeted.

The sessions themselves are minimally invasive and almost totally painless. After a few minutes of mild discomfort or numbness caused by pressure and coldness, patients typically read, watch videos, or even take a nap while the procedure occurs.

Although results may vary, it has a high rate of success in removing patches of excess fat. Fat Freeze at Medwest is intended to remove areas of body fat on specific areas of the body such as the thighs and abdomen, not to treat full-body obesity.


Too help you reach your goals, we also have a range of allied health staff who may be able to advise you of ways to permanently improve your overall weight through diet and exercise.

Looking for cool sculpting in Melbourne? Our staff at Medwest have the training and experience to help people lose weight and improve their self-image through Fat Freezing.

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