Exercising On Holiday

With the Christmas break fast approaching, it’s easy for our exercise to take second priority to turkey, cake and other festivities. The Christmas break also signals one thing, holidays, and we all know how hard it is to keep active on vacation.

Whether you’re travelling for family or play, there’s no reason why your exercise routine needs to take a break. You’ve worked your butt off (literally) to maintain good exercise habits so it’s important you take them with you!

Explore the hotel gym

Although not filled with lots of equipment, there is plenty on hand for you to squeeze in a good workout. Take the chance to mix up your routine and try something new, that way, those holidays snacks that follow can be guilt free.

Walk it out

Being away from home, there’s a good chance you’ll be away from your car, so consider it a chance to walk more. There are many health benefits associated with walking and it’s getting active without necessarily thinking of it as exercise. Take the scenic route if possible, you’ll be seeing the sights and staying active at the same time.

Look up local fitness groups

Do a little research before you travel to find out if fitness classes are available near where you’re staying, if you’re lucky they might even be hosted at your hotel! If all options fail, you could front the small casual rate for a local exercise class or group.

Try something new

When travelling it’s always good to try new things, so why should your workout be any different? Try a surfing lesson, go for a bike ride or a even a hike. The more it feels like part of your trip the less it will feel like exercise. You’ll be keeping fit and you won’t even know it, just don’t forget to bring a camera.

Hit the pool

How many times have you looked out the window at a hotel pool but never used it? Or how often have you slipped in, only to rest against the edge with a Pina Colada in hand? Take the plunge this time. You might want to do a few gentle laps or try a simple pool-based workout .

So there you have it, now you have no excuse for letting up on your exercise routine whilst on holiday.