Keep Happy with Hydrotherapy

With so many older people facing physical issues, Hydrotherapy is fast becoming the tool of choice to helping ease tension and increase happiness. Hydrotherapy is essentially a therapeutic technique in which heated water is used to treat various types of injuries and diseases. Performed in specially designed heated pools, this type of therapy is highly recommended for older adults who are experiencing pain from a physical disorder or illness.

Hydrotherapy is commonly used for older people who suffer from various ailments that affect their mobility or those suffering certain neurological conditions. Water and heat therapy has been used for centuries for all types of pain and injuries and come in a range of different classes for different types of participants.
The main therapeutic element of Hydrotherapy is of course, warm water. Its thermal effects alleviate various pains and stimulate the immune system by applying heat and pressure to the body. Water is usually heated to around 34 degrees to increase blood circulation, improve muscle tightness and joint flexibility.

Once an older adult enters the pool, they will experience a massage like feeling from the hydrostatic effects of the warm water. As a result, the nerves will then carry the heat and pressure deeper into the body where it can help improve blood circulation, lessen the body’s reaction to pain, and even eliminate stress hormones! When blood circulation improves, it can help heal damaged tissues and rejuvenate injured muscles.

The experience of weightlessness allows the body to relieve aching muscles and reduce tension and it’s believed that the hydrotherapy treatment allows you to release endorphins, which will then act as a natural pain reliever. As people tend to become weaker as they grow older, hydrotherapy treatment is great way of rehabilitating those aging muscles.

To top of the list of benefits, Hydrotherapy helps eliminating toxins from your body and provides relief from stress and anxiety! So what are you waiting for? Don on the togs and jump right in, the waters just right.