Aged Care Training

Welcome to the aged care training series. Here you will be able to learn or refresh your knowledge on a number of skills and techniques that will help you on the job. 


Aged Care Training - Introduction and Theory

Physiotherapist, Alwyn Blayse, shares soft tissue massage techniques and provides an introduction and explains some of the theory associated with this training session. 


Aged Care training - Traction 

Join the Aged Care team in learning more about traction techniques to assist with pain management. Principal Physiotherapist, Alwyn Blayse, shares his knowledge and illustrates hands on techniques.


Aged Care training - Trigger point therapy

Learn trigger point therapy techniques to improve your allied health skills and better care for people experiencing pain. Alwyn Blayse invites you to join him and his team in session 3 of the AAC team training day.


Aged Care training - PNF

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF techniques are demonstrated by Alwyn Blayse and physiotherapist Emilia Tabeson.


Aged Care training - Flexion Adduction

Learn more about flexion adduction as physiotherapist Emilia Tabeson and CEO/principal physiotherapist Alwyn Blayse explain techniques. 


Aged Care Training - Hand Therapy

Join the Allied Aged Care team in learning about hand therapy techniques to assist with pain management. CEO and Principal Physiotherapist, Alwyn Blayse, explains the "hows" and "whys".


Aged Care training - Traction (neck & lower back)

Pain management techniques involving traction (neck and lower back) are demonstrated by Physiotherapist Alwyn Blayse.


Aged Care Training - Trigger points (lower back, leg and knee)

Learn more about trigger points for the lower back, leg and knee with the Aged Care team at training run by Physiotherapist Alwyn Blayse.


Aged Care Training - Thoracic Pain Techniques

Thoracic pain techniques are demonstrated by Physiotherapist Alwyn Blayse.


Aged Care Training - greg Dolman

One of Greg's key personal challenges is to work with his own weaknesses and make them stronger which is a great training ground to pass on to others. This area of practice has evolved in to just one of his specialties working with his clients and teaching them how to be aware of their imbalances on both the physical and emotional levels. This training technique has allowed great success with past, and present clients, whether they be professional or amateur clients.


Aged Care Training - Electrotherapy

Physiotherapist Alwyn Blayse and physiotherapist Samuel Youssef sharing knowledge about electrotherapy with the team. 


Aged Care Training - Joint mobilisation

Physiotherapist Alwyn Blayse sharing knowledge about joint mobilisation with the team.