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At Medwest Health Care, our Podiatrists help people from all walks of life, and also offer a services throughout a number of Aged Care facilities throughout Victoria. Whether you are seeking to have your feet seen to by one of our specialists in our Keilor East-based clinic or you would prefer to have us visit you at your residential care facility, Medwest Health Care can provide a wide range of podiatric services to get you on your feet again.

Our Podiatrists offer a professional and highly-effective remedial and support service to those suffering from pain and, in collaboration with Medwest Health Care’s other staff, can help to identify other health-related issues and requirements as well. So if you are in need of quality Podiatry services, get in touch. 

Medwest Health Care’s podiatrists are available to:

  • Manage skin and nail disorders such as calluses, corns, ingrown or deformed nails, ulcerations and infections.
  • Effectively treat common lower limb and feet conditions including, neurological diseases, bone and joint issues and circulatory-related ailments.
  • Evasion, diagnose and treat lower limbs and feet whether the related issues have come about as a result of medical conditions or surgical side-effects.
  • Treat “high-risk” problems including diabetic or pressure ulcers (patients may require special dressings for wounds and regular debridement)
  • Our podiatrists are more than equipped to help through implementing special devices and medical instruments such as healing shoes, toe splints or orthotics as a means to reduce discomfort and assist in effective rehabilitation.
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