Occupational Therapists and Aged Care Services in Victoria

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists

Our fully qualified Occupational Therapists conduct sessions through our clinics and onsite using their broad array of experience and knowledge. Our OTs can help clients and patients to optimise their independence, improve their quality of life and develop easier ways to participate in everyday activities by either, modifying the set up the area of living or the environment. Medwest’s OTs work closely with clients of all ages to support maintaining their movement, life experiences and wellbeing.

Our OTs provide assessments, diagnosis and treatment options for:

  • Acute care settings by assessing clients’ cognition and functional needs and monitoring and supporting function and progress.
  • Injury management by designing and coordinating graded return to work programs.
  • Support rehabilitation and aged acre clients regain independence by assessing client and suggesting modifications to the environment and the use of adaptive equipment.
  • Help children achieve developmental milestones by supporting the improvement of fine motor skills and coordination.
Occupational Therapists
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